My name is Elise Boggs, and I’m a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, Professor of Leadership, and a leadership coach and consultant. Over the last 15 years, I’ve supported the development of thousands of leaders across many different industries including the military  (working with U.S. Navy Seals), medicine, law enforcement, engineering, technology, education, and entertainment -- and I’ve seen incredible results.

I’ve made it my mission to help bridge the gap in knowledge for intelligent, competent, high achieving leaders -- leaders who are feeling stuck and frustrated because they’re not getting the results they know they’re capable of.

No matter your industry, becoming an emotionally intelligent leader will profoundly impact the team you are able to create and the results you can achieve. That’s why I created my new course bundle, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, to help you get up to speed.

"I walked into Elise’s EI class thinking I had a pretty good handle on how to be emotionally intelligent in my social environments.  Boy was I wrong!  Elise went through the different competencies that make up our social and emotional intelligence with such skill and I was floored at how many nuggets were deposited in my mind and heart.  As a leader in my community and workplace, I saw leadership as a gift not a skill that I can work on.  One of the quotes from Elise was “You can not influence others if you have not mastered yourself.”  While I have always sought to improve myself, I did not correlate that my effectiveness as a leader is limited by me not developing more and more control over my emotions and how I express them to others!  I know that after my class with Elise I am and will be a better leader in my community!"

David W.
Owner, LocalHub coworking

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